All Women Certifiably Crazy, Study Finds

Wednesday 28 June

The National Institute of Public Safety, in conjunction with the Wyoming Institute of Technology, has just revealed what many us already knew: All women, regardless of age or race, are at least a little bit certifiably crazy.

The first-of-its-kind study tested subjects over 18-years-of-age in various groups over the course of several months. Boston University assisted in the analysis of the results, with various women researchers participating.

Factors such as age, income, attractiveness, family background and income were evaluated to search for any patterns. In every circumstance, “An above average level of the absurd,” was discovered in 100 of subjects, according to the study.

“Today we have the scientific backing we’ve been searching for,” said chairman of the Wellness For Men Group. “For 4,000 years, men have been faced with the challenge of confronting a serious medical issue without the proper backing to begin discussion or suggest treatment. Today, we have that.”

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All Women Certifiably Crazy, Study Finds